The hardwork of hundreds of people will be present behind the success of any movie. But the first person to get greatly affected by the failure of a film is the producer who invests money in it. That’s why the producers maintain a close relationship with the star heroes to do a movie with them and recover from their losses. Pawan Kalyan also made such promise to A.M.Ratnam that he will definitely do a movie with him.

Producer A.M.Ratnam’s director son Jyothi Krishna recently helmed a project named Oxygen with Gopi Chand. But the movie failed utterly at the box office. Now, both A.M.Ratnam and his son are in dire need of a hit. But Pawankalyan gave a huge shock to them by declaring that he is not interested to act in movies anymore. In the past, A.M.Ratnam produced Chiru’s Sheham Kosam movie. With the rapport he has with him, he made an interesting deal with Megastar. Jyothi Krishna is developing a script for Megastar. If Chiru likes it, he will assign any other mega hero in the place of Pawan Kalyan in A.M.Ratnam’s movie.

Will Chiru likes the script? Which mega hero will he assign to play the lead instead of Pawan Kalyan? Well, we have to wait and see. However, it is like Chiranjeevi is now fulfilling Pawankalyan’s promises.


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