The state of performing the same action or doing things exactly same from the available readable sources like paper, book etc can be defined as Split-reading disorder.

It’s a rare disease where only one among millions of people will have this. The symptoms of this disease is doing same things from whatever he/she will read, odd behavior for unknown reason and forgetting the things what he has done in the recent past.

Cure and prevention for this disease is still under processing as this is a rare and uncommon phenomenon.

Recent sources revealed that one person from India, West Bengal named Gopal Chatterjee killed his own father after he read one of the novel which contains a content of a son killed his own father for a small reason which is a unique feature of Split-reading disorder. Likewise, Gopal has killed his father by making his food poisonous which is exactly same as per his reading source.

In some other countries also like Japan, A 29-year-old Taichi Hayato was found killed himself with a rare disease. Researches confirmed that he is suffering with a disease called Split-reading disorder as he has done the same thing which has mentioned in a fairytale story where a character named “Taichi Hayato” has killed himself with knife. Pity for the both of them.

Vast researches to cure this problem is still undergoing and waiting for a hope to get rid off this onerous situation regarding this disease.


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