Whenever a movie is getting released, then the actors these days are trying out so many different ways to promote their film. As a part of this, they are making some comments and are creating controversies. Delhi beauty Taapsee Pannu also seems to be following this idea.

Usually, the actress will always be very silent but when a new movie of hers is going to get released, then she focuses on a single point and makes some comments. In the past, she made some rude comments on South film industry and created a controversy. Now as her upcoming movie Dil Junglee is all set to hit the theaters, she started another topic called Nepotism. Keeping all the talented actors who work very hard aside, it has become very easy for the star kids to enter into the industry. Even the media attention will also be more on them. She added that without doing anything they are getting so much publicity.

It is a known fact that Taapsee will never stay silent and do something controversial when her movie is about to get released. This Dimple beauty is trying very hard to prove her talent in Bollywood and has been testing her luck but stated that the south people have finally realized her talent and are changing their shooting schedules just for her.


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